Artist Statement


For me, my work is a way of expressing myself. Since I have been suffering from social anxiety since I was young and unable to communicate properly with others, I have found my own way of expressing myself and my worldview. My work gives people a chance to look inside me. Into everything I think about, everything I dream about and everything I am depressed about. I often think about my life and death. Whether what I do is really important and how it all makes sense. This is a theme that connects my pieces across my artistic career.

I used to paint more abstractly, now I try to combine abstraction with realism. Because of this, people can get closer and understand my work, while I have the opportunity to develop my style further. On the other hand, I don’t want my work to be too realistic because I feel that it loses my personality. It loses something that makes the work unique. I am therefore disrupting what is real with something more abstract. With pieces of my soul.

For every piece, I try to make it as beautiful as it can be because the aesthetic side of things is of great value to me. For example, even if it is a very dark painting, it must be one way or another beautiful for me. I love beautiful things, and I want to create them.

I only create with oil paint on canvas. Before I started painting with oil, I was constantly struggling with acrylics that dry too fast. When I tried oil paints for the first time, I fell in love with them because I saw that they were exactly what I wanted acrylics to be. Today I use acrylic paints only as a first layer of the painting after which I paint the next layers with oil.