Clouds of Sorrow


Oil painting on canvas


76×60 cm




CZK 12 222 (cca $570)

About the Artwork

Tears run from a cloud of sorrow
with too much time I borrowed.
Wish to return years wasted with me.
Over and over I let you down,
while you deserved much better.

Tears run from clouds of sorrow
and the sun fails for us tomorrow.
Never wanted it to be this way.
I am sorry I left you hollow,
Maybe, I should’ve stayed.
maybe, it would’ve died anyway.

Tears run from clouds of sorrow
with nobody left for me to follow,
Not since you’re gone.
I don’t know what I want.
Don’t know what’s next.
I am lost.
I am lost.

Signs of tomorrow remain a mystery
as the last tears fall from sorrowful clouds.
Hope shines through as rays of the sun
with hints of forgiveness across the horizon.