Oil painting on canvas


80×60 cm




CZK 17 777 (cca $830)

About the Artwork

I am always in my head, lost in thoughts, dreaming of the future. Dreaming of who I can become, thinking of who I am and who I was. Always hopeful, always looking forward to what is going to happen to me next. I am living in a world of my own, not paying much attention to what happens around me. Most of it doesn’t really matter, not to me anyway.

I know that everything that happens outside of me is just one big mirror of the true reality that takes place inside me. In addition, all external events happen with a delay, so there is no point in dealing with them too much. It’s just like a window to the past. What we think and believe creates worlds, and it’s the only thing that’s really real. Because I know this, I focus on myself and use the world around me to see what’s going on inside me.

I have a big vision in my head that is more important than anything and when others tell me that something is impossible, they show me the doubts that are circulating in my head.

I always try to keep my inner peace, which is not always easy under the pressure of negative thoughts and emotions arising from them, but I now know that I don’t have to constantly listen to them because they are not my master. All you have to do is to realize what’s going on, accept it and let it be. But most importantly, realize that the thoughts are not you in the first place.