Oil painting on canvas


65×55 cm




CZK 9000 (cca $420)

This painting for me is a symbol of a certain time in my life when I realized that it is time to start working on something that is my biggest weakness. Otherwise, I never get further, I won’t get to a place where I would like to be one day.  And the weakness is communication. Often, it is very hard for me to express myself or my paintings to others and what they are really about. I am an introvert. Someone who would love it if the paintings could speak for him, but something like that doesn’t really happen every time. And I want to change that. And I might be slowly changing it already by writing this explanation.

But back to the piece of art. It is painted in bright blue color inspired by a symbol of the 5th chakra which is actually connected to the ability of communication and expressing oneself. When it is blocked it is said that it leads to not being able to express oneself – speaking errors or blank thoughts. Which I think really sounds like me.

I made this artwork to help me open up to the world. And I think it can help someone else in the future who has similar problems.

Here you can see how this artwork was made: