Oil painting on canvas


100×70 cm




CZK 60 000 (cca $2800)

About the Artwork

One day I found a photo on the internet that amazed me so much I decided I had to paint it. I have always been fascinated by the beauty of nature found in flowers. This sunflower shines even though the night is approaching. I also like the so-called depth of field, which basically refers to what in a picture is in focus and what isn’t. In this case, the background is very blurred, so that the stars in the night sky look like bright polka dots. The only sharp thing in the foreground is the sunflower itself.

During painting this artwork, I used everything I learned in my life so far. It’s an artwork on the edge of my current skills, and it was my first time ever painting such a blurred background. I even bought myself makeup brushes, which really helped me to do that. Painting the sunflower itself was a little easier, but it took me a lot longer. It reminded me of the paintings called Daisy and Daisy 2 I painted a year ago. This painting is quite realistic, but I still put something extra into it, something of myself.

The flower of the Sun evokes a feeling of serenity in me and reminds me of calm and warm summer evenings during the last rays of the sun. I sit somewhere in nature and feel the fresh breeze of the surrounding forests. In front of me, I see a beautiful flower of the sun which, like the Sun, radiates beautiful and pleasant energy into my heart.

It’s not just a copy of a photo, this painting is magical. I wish everyone could see it in person and absorb its energy.