Oil painting on canvas


75×55 cm





If you are interested in this piece, please, contact me

“Freedom” is an artwork about struggle and desire. The struggle of money. I think that all of us hate the fact that you have to study hard to get a job. Then get a job to be able to live. And then just work until you die essentially. It is like a today’s version of slavery. It is not the life I want to live, and it is not the world I want to live in. I have always known that I have great potential inside me but working for someone else just to get paid feels like a waste of time and talent. And it breaks me on the inside. All I want is a free life. I don’t care about money and I just wish we didn’t need it. And this is what this piece represents. It is an image of a new era. It is true freedom.

Vision of this exact painting started when I was depressed. I felt like a prisoner. Actually I feel that way quite often these days. Just four walls around me. But then I said to myself that I would rather focus on something I want instead of what I don’t want. Something more positive. I guess that even in the darkest times I am always trying to find little bit of hope. And then I pictured myself breaking the walls. Punching holes in them. Then I saw myself flying away. And I got an idea. This will be my next piece. I immidately had an image in my head. Beautiful sky in pink and yellow. Maybe a sunset or a sunrise. There I was in the clouds, above them, flying freely with nothing holding me back.

…and how I made it happen?