Printed on a matt photopaper HP 270 g/m2 on a high-end Hewlett-Packard 12-ink plotter. Sold without a frame.


70×50 cm





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Vision of this exact painting started when I was depressed. I felt like a prisoner. Actually I feel that way quite often these days. Just four walls around me. But then I said to myself that I would rather focus on something I want instead of what I don’t want. Something more positive. I guess that even in the darkest times I am always trying to find little bit of hope. And then I pictured myself breaking the walls. Punching holes in them. Then I saw myself flying away. And I got an idea. This will be my next piece. I immidately had an image in my head. Beautiful sky in pink and yellow. Maybe a sunset or a sunrise. There I was in the clouds, above them, flying freely with nothing holding me back.

This painting is called Freedom and this is what it means to me. It represents my desire to be free. For my whole life I have felt like a prisoner. I felt like I have to study to get a job, have to get a job to be able to live and then to just work the rest of my life. But what kind of life is that? I have always known that I have a great potencial inside me but working for someone else just to get paid feels like such a waste of my precious time and talent. And it breaks me on the inside.

This painting is my vision of possible future. 

This is my hope.

…and how I made it happen?