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1 week ago

Toto dílo se nazývá Stranger in Pardubice, protože je malováno pro mé přátele z Pardubic a zároveň je inspirováno mým starším dílem Stranger in Moscow, které se jim velice líbilo. ... See more

1 week ago

This Is a commission work for my sister. Called it simply Sunflower while spending quite some time on it. I'm really happy with it and the petals are just shining as pure gold.

#artforlife ... See more

1 week ago

This painting is called Caress of the Soul 3. It was a commission work for someone who really liked the second painting but wanted her own, painted exactly for her.

This is what she says about ... See more

2 weeks ago

"Thank You"
This is the most expensive artwork I have made so far. I created it while riding a very high vibration. I let myself be led by my soul. I thought that anything was possible and I wanted ... See more

3 weeks ago

I painted together with PelArt.K and this magnificent painting is what she created for me. It is called Reconnection and it is supposed to reconnect me with my long lost strength and inner power. It ... See more

3 weeks ago

Me and PelArt.K decided to paint together and we created a painting for each other. This one is made by me for her and it is called Resilience. It gives strength, fiery power and a lot of grounding ... See more