Printed on a matt photopaper HP 270 g/m2 on a high-end Hewlett-Packard 12-ink plotter. Sold without a frame.


70×50 cm


Coming Soon



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About the Artwork

I painted another intuitive energy painting which I named Rejuvenation. In many ways, it is painted just like the Regeneration. Even in this case, I painted in a meditative state and let myself be guided. I also used the exact same colors because I had some unused paint from last time. I left them in the freezer for about 10 days to keep them from drying out.

This painting is also completely different in several aspects. It is very dynamic and energetic but very gentle as well. It will probably affect everyone completely differently. I started creating with the intention that I wanted it to be beautiful and healing. Such a partial continuation of Regeneration.