Where do we go from here?


Oil painting on canvas


75×75 cm




CZK 20000 (cca $930)

“Where do we go from here?” Where do we go from now? I think that it is time. It is time to decide if we want to live here or not. Or if we want to live at all. It is time that we should start caring of our little planet and stop hurting it. And I know it is not just me who feels this way.

This painting is a reminder of what could happen in next few years if we do nothing. It all could be over. And nobody wants to realize that. We all act like as if we were blind, and we don’t see what is happening. So, at least look at this piece. When you look closely, it becomes terrifying. When you imagine that half of the planet is gone, and the astronaut could be the last living man. The last living man in the whole universe. The last man who will eventually die too. And where do we go from there? Nowhere.

Here you can see how the artwork came to be: