Endearment 5


Oil painting on canvas


60×40 cm




CZK 6666 (cca $312)


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About the artwork

Lately, I’m starting to notice a certain love that is awakening in me. It started with one of my recent works, Love Not Fear, which was meant to be a response to what is happening in the world right now. This work is supposed to be a loose sequel to the theme of love. But it’s not just falling in love with someone, as most people might think. It is love for the entire Universe, for our Planet, for all living beings, people and things, but above all also for myself. It’s about understanding and accepting myself the way I am. Only when I am able to do this for myself can I understand and accept others as well. The more I love myself and all my parts, the more I am able to love everyone else. And the more I love others, the more I love myself.

Everything we give comes back to us, and that’s probably why it seems to me that lately I only meet amazing people. I meet people in whom I see myself and I meet people with whom I am no longer so afraid of being authentic. It all goes hand in hand.

I wanted to send this love to others through my favorite medium, so I created a series of strong paintings on this topic. They have a lot of energy of love in them, either for oneself or for others. I chose a predominantly green color as a symbol of the heart chakra and a rose flower as a symbol of love. However, the painting can symbolize anything from flowering and growth to an explosion of positive energy and everything depends on each person and what exactly they see or feel with it.